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The annual smart forum in Kharkiv, aimed to create a community of like-minded people, immersing themselves in the smart element of citizens and presenting the best practices of the world in creating smart cities

First of all Make it Smart is about transforming the established notion of the city and the world around it, it's about expanding borders and breaking stereotypes.
This forum has a goal: to spread the ideas of smartization of society. It gives an opportunity to touch innovative projects, to communicate with representatives of companies that create products that improve the life in the city.

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The idea of ​​creating Make it Smart came during the development of various city projects. Project teams face to misunderstanding of citizens and local entrepreneurs about the benefits of creating smart initiatives

About 10 similar projects around the world have been analyzed on a different scale during creation the concept.

As a result we developed the concept that most closely matches the wave of trends in such events.

Make it Smart 2018 is:

- 642 participants of the Expo-forum
- 7 hours of continuous smart
- 31 smart solutions presented
- 582 hours of preparation
- 17 speakers
- 8 successful negotiations
- 175 liters of water were drunk during the forum
- 40 pounds of snacks were eaten during the forum
- 108 cups of coffee were drunk by the organizers

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Make it Smart is an annual forum for innovation

Our team has an ambitious goal to bring together more than 2,000 like-minded people under one roof: reformers, entrepreneurs, innovators, public figures, representatives of different cities.

The forum exposition will present the most innovative ready-made solutions for cities and citizens, test any of these decisions, communicate with developers and enter into an agreement with companies during the forum.

Along the exposition we will have the opportunity to listen to the opinions of the most respected creators of the smart community in the world and to discuss the challenges and ways of building digital country.


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