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Digitalization is the main trend in Ukraine

Digital transformation of the city is a process that we have started with the Department of Registration in 2018. Even then we understood the need to create a city as a comfortable service, a city, where everyday life becomes easy for every Kharkiv citizen.
In 2019, "digitalization" became the word of the year for Ukrainians, and the trend towards state digitization began to actively spread in every city.
After that the first decision in Kharkiv was made at the local level to form a separate team, which will be fully engaged in the digital transformation of our city. And we laid the groundwork.

Only teamwork is the key to a successful result

In a few months, we brought together like-minded people and partners, and together we built the architecture and the structure of digital transformation.The newly established Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, became our main partner, together we began active cooperation and planing the implementation of many projects in Kharkiv, as the first pilot city of digital transformation in Ukraine.
On December 13, the official presentation of the Department of Digital Transformation of Kharkiv City Council took place.
Five products were selected as priority projects:
- Kharkiv resident's cabinet
- Digital Literacy Program
- E-Health- Cashless- City Dashboard
You can see the full presentation by clicking the button below.

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The Department has officially launched, here are the main results for right now:

- 73 projects are already in operation- 22 PMs are connected to these projects- The Department of Digital Transformation with its staff and structure is launching- now the team is actively recruiting, if you want to become a digital transformer, click the button below

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City goals in digitalization for the coming year:

- 100,000 Kharkiv students who will take Digital Literacy courses on the Portal
- 100,000 Kharkiv residents use their E-cabinet of a resident
- providing 1 000 000 online services